Booru Tag Parser

I wrote an addon that extracts the tags on booru posts and Illustration2Vec to your clipboard. Which is very useful if you like tagging your saved images with things like Hydrus Network. It’s in its infancy so it might not support every image booru out there but it pull requests for new CSS selectors are welcome. The script auto-updates so feel free to make github issues with requests for sites that don’t work.

Download and Install




Speaking of which, Illustration2Vec is probably the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. Give it an image (it works best with vectorizable things like illustrations) and it’ll use machine learning and image parsing algorithms to automatically tag your image. It’s surprisingly accurate too, being able to detect minute details and give the image accurate tags.

And if you don’t know what Hydrus Network is, it’s the second coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. All images can be hashed with sha256, a hash so long that there will likely not be any collisions with any other images. Hydrus lets you attach tags to those hashes so you can have your own personal collection and very easily sort/search through thousands of images and videos based on those tags. The meat though is that it can also subscribe to tag + file servers so you can see the tags that other people have given to them. There’s already millions of image -> tag mappings and it was funny seeing my ancient image macros having content tags on them. There’s a whole bunch of exported tag databases for various image repositories and an already-tag-updated installation at /hydrus/


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