Unnamed Unreal 4 Game Source

Here’s another unfinished game I was working on in my spare time, this time for the Unreal 4 engine. The last time I touched it was probably sometime early this year, so here is the source code now that I realistically know I won’t be doing anything else with it. It’s almost entirely C++, blueprints were only used on things that required it such as model animations, sounds, data, shaders, etc.

Source code available here and if you want to try a prebuilt version just to play, you can grab it here.

This game is a lot more polished than the Valhalla Run game I made in Unity. It was supposed to be a small scale recreation of the Darkfall: Unholy Wars combat. So an arena, survival game, battle royal or something like that. The core combat was about 85% done, the real work remaining was in creating the gamemode, the maps, models, animations, textures, and all those extra bits I have little talent for. It already functioned as a multiplayer deathmatch using Darkfall-ey combat and many of the abilities from the game.

Oh and here’s an extremely cringy video someone made of the gameplay.

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